Annual Conference 2021

Annual Conference 2020

We can’t let coronavirus pandemic stop us from meeting one another.

With great pleasure, we are excited to invite you to attend our 2021 Annual Conference of Centennial Logistics Network  (CLN) & Millennium Logistics Network (MLN).We decided to move our meetings online this year in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, which compelled authorities around the world to severely restrict international travel and group gatherings.

While we all accept that meeting in person is no alternative, some interaction is better than none at all. This is why this year we decided to switch our meetings online. The experience of a virtual conference would be no less than the live and original conference we have had before.We have worked sincerely to ensure that our delegates bring the best and most out of this online meeting just like those we typically have face-to - face conferences. The online Annual Meeting will remove any obstacles to participation!

Why attend the CLN & MLN Join Annual Conference 2021?

It is a beneficial investment as you reduce your representation costs by meeting many contacts at the same time which is a more efficient marketing investment. After attending the conference, businesses will take off and flow, making your membership profitable. We’ve been committed to providing freight forwarders the best neutral networking platform that is rewarding to their business. CLN & MLN family has designed the conference to include something for everyone. We will ensure to have a productive and successful meeting and also a lasting relationship with each and every one.We firmly believe that good business relationships are built with trust and confidence.

So, don’t delay, join and Register now!

13th – 15th October 2020 | Tuesday to Thursday


Download and print Manual Registration.Complete the requested information and send back filled out form to

Online One to One meetings

Face-to-face interaction is important for maintaining a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership. The easiest way to get this done is online one-to-one meetings.This won't be a simple video call conference or webinar that anyone might do on some free platforms. It's 3 days online one to one conference and you will be able to conduct up to 48 meetings online per day, 30-minutes, one-to-one video conferencing with previously selected members with whom you wish to hold a face-to - face direct meeting.

You just need to register, arrange your meetings and access our online One to One system on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The simple-to-use application built into our online One to One system will automatically arrange your video conference according to your agenda. Great consideration has also been made in accommodating representatives from all the different time zones to provide all our members with the necessary flexibility and accessibility.

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A good working partnership that is built based on mutual benefit and confidence is one of the main factors responsible for expanding the scope and opportunities of your business. The CLN & MLN family has designed the conference to include something for everyone. You have an opportunity to arrange over 140 direct online one-to-one meetings in 3 days with our old as well as new members from both CLN & MLN family from anywhere in the world remotely and easily.

A great chance to get to know new members as well as to get in contact with old friends.

Unfortunately, the current circumstances will not allow us to meet in person in 2021 but coronavirus pandemic can’t stop us from meeting one another online. Broaden your business connections by meeting more than 300 delegates from around the world online and establish new ventures by forming new relations and securing a lot more business. The online one-to-one meetings are your greatest chance to connect directly with your partners and create a network of reputable freight forwarders of excellent quality.

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Young African manager with stubble sitting in front of open laptop wearing earphones while having video conference call with business partners

What is it you should be doing?

Demonstrate your firm's strength points and strengthen your brand and credibility by direct interaction with your current and future partners. The online conference adds to your comfort and encourages inclusion by reducing all the obstacles to attend. Members will be able to attend the meeting without having to leave their home or workplace comforts and without thinking about a visa, hotel, and flight booking. All you need to do now is register, book your meetings online, test your devices and network (microphone & video), and finally concentrate on your meeting.

Register now, schedule your meetings, and let us take care of the rest!

In the last week of October, the One-to-one Meeting Scheduler will open for those participants who have registered for the 2021 virtual annual conference. Participants can review our one to one system manual on how the online one-to-one Meeting Scheduler functions and can adjust meetings for both new and old members depending on your choice as well as the timing of the meeting based on Shared Interest and Time Zones.

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Virtual annual conference 2021 : USD 180 per attendees.

So, don’t delay, join and Register now!

Download and print Manual Registration.Complete the requested information and send back filled out form to